Bubinga Birdcage Awl

Bubinga Birdcage Awl
Bubinga Bubinga is native to South America and Africa. It features a host of stunning grain figures, such as flamed, pommele, and waterfall, which make this wood truly unique. The wood is often used by luthiers for harps and other instruments, because of its mellow and well-rounded sound. Bubinga is also used in high-end furniture, especially by contemporary Arts and Craft artists. Awl Shaft: The awl's shaft is hand-forged and twisted from 01 steel with a Rockwell hardness of 62. The tip is sharpened for use in starting and boring holes which the square shank then widens through repeated twisting. The 1 3/4" handle is sized to fit comfortably in the user's hand and allow application of a generous amount of pressure when twisting the awl. The finger grip is positioned in precisely the right place to enable a firm grip in use.
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