Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes your mallets & awls better than others?

A: Our mallets stand out from the rest by the quality of their materials and workmanship.  We use only the best steeland hardwoods.  Our handles are turned from the most beautiful, highly-prized woods.  The result is a tool of beauty that will be a special addition to any workshop.

Q: I have some wood of my own I'd like to use.  Can you produce a mallet using that wood?

A: Yes.  Send us the wood you'd like to use and we'll turn the handle for you at no extra charge.  The wood must be a minimum of 2X2X12" in size for mallets and 2x2x6 for awls, completely dry and completely free of cracks or splits. 

Q: What if I want to order a wood you don't have advertised for my handle?

A: Contact us with your request.  If we have the wood in stock or can get it, we'll be glad to make a mallet handle using that wood.  Note that for some exotic woods, an extra charge may apply.

Q: Which mallet is better for woodworking--the 1 lb. or 1 1/2 lb. mallet?

A: It depends on how lightly you want to tap the chisel for the kind of carving or woodworking you are doing.  For very delicate work, a 1 lb. mallet is recommended.  When you are chopping out larger sections or doing large mortised and dovetails, the heavier mallet works better.  Some woodworkers find they work best with both mallets at hand.