Shenandoah Mallets are made with either steel or brass. The hardwood handles, hand-crafted from exotic and domestic woods of exceptional beauty, bring delight to the woodworker and woodcarver who appreciates style as well as functionality in his or her tools.

Steel & Brass Head Mallets


   The concentrated weight of the mallet head provides a focused force so that the mallet head does all the work and not the wrist or arm.  The steel head is made from oil hardened steel with a Rockwell 28-32 rating.  Our mallets are also available with a brass head.  The brass head is mounted on the same type of figured woods as the steel head.  Both mallet heads weigh 1.5 pounds.

   The traditional bell shaped mallet head has been used by generations of European craftsmen.  We have adopted the bell shaped head for our mallets because the unique bell shape promotes better contact with the chisel or gouge while reducing the risks of mis-strikes.   The bell shape feels extremely comfortable in the palm of your hand when choking up on the mallet and will not mark your chisel or gouge handles.

Unique Woods

   Shenandoah Tool Works birdcage awl and mallet handles are individually hand crafted from highly-figured wood. It is our goal to select the most interesting possible pieces of wood for each tool. However, since Mother Nature produces a diverse variety of grain and color, the photos in our store can only show representative samples and some variation in each tool can be expected.

A Little Fun!